Recycled Plastic Fountain Pens
This year, we cooperated with SKB, the 60-year-old Taiwan company, and successfully produced fountain pen series made by recycled plastic- PET bottle and styrofoam waste from the beach.
Recycled plastic Black- faced Spoonbill fountain pen
Aiming to raise public awareness on sustainability issues and to promote the importance of ecological conservation, this black-faced-spoonbill-like fountain pen is mainly made of recycled PET bottles, and packaged in a recycled pulp box.
Recycled Styrofoam fountain pen
Styrofoam (Polystyrene) is one of those materials around us. In Taiwan, it is wildly used for aquaculture, such as breeding oysters. Without complete recycling system, those abandoned foams had been causing irreversible ocean trash problem and damages to marine life. The recycled Styrofoam fountain pen is designed to increase the use of waste Styrofoam, through various material and production modification, another circular economy success.

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