The Ocean Project (2017)
In 2017, we launched the Ocean Plastic Project, designed to increase the use of waste fishnets. The focus is on preserving what is left of our marine ecology by working hand-in-hand with consumer product manufacturers to raise public awareness in ocean conservation.
Fishing net collection in Kaohsiung (2018)
In May 2018, the City Government of Kaohsiung started to collect old fishing nets from local fishermen. The PIDC visited the City Government and the harbour in June 2018 to get a better picture of the collection scheme.
Heat compression of beach litter (2018)
On World Oceans Day in June 2018, the International College of the Tunghai University in Taichung organised a small beach clean-up at Da'an Beach. The PIDC helped to turn some of their collected beach litter into coasters.
Visit to Chang Woen Machinerey Co. (2018)
Chang Woen builds machines for the recycling of fishing nets in Japan. We visited the company in June 2018 to find out more about their technology.

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