Fishing net collection
in Kaohsiung

June, 2018

Ting-Fen Ho (PIDC), Hsiang-Jui Hsu (PIDC), Falk Schneider (PIDC), Jason Hu (Society of Wilderness), Lester Su (Marine Bureau), Li-Min Chen (Marine Bureau)
In June 2018, we visited Kaohsiung to learn more about the city's fishing net collection scheme.

We were welcomed by officials from the Marine Bureau in the City Government. They informed us that since the beginning of the project in May 2018, already 18 tonnes of old fishing nets were collected.
Here is how it works:
Once a week the City Government organises a truck to collect fishing nets from selected harbours. For every 10 kg of nets the fishermen receive 100 NTD in form of shopping vouchers. The actual weight and fishing vessel registration number are recorded. After the collection the fishing nets are temporally stored on top of one of the harbour buildings.
At the moment the City Government of Kaohsiung is looking for partners to preferably reuse or otherwise recycle the old fishing nets. Especially artists and farmers are invited to collect the material free of charge. Yet, also companies from the recycling industry are encouraged to contact the City Government for more information as an energy recovery is their least preferred option.
Photocredits: Damon Tsai
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