Visiting Chang Woen

June, 2018

Chang Woen is a manufacturing company that produces recycling machines in Taichung. Their machines are used worldwide to recycle different materials including PET bottles, agricultural film, waste tires and wood. We visited Chang Woen in the middle of June 2018 to get more information about their recycling machines for fishing nets.
Chang Woen's marketing manager Ted invited us to the showroom to give us a brief overview of the company. We quickly learned about their Japanese customer who transfers fishing nets into pellets. The line in Japan consists of the following machines: (1) shredder, (2) metal detector, (3) crusher, (4) friction washer, (5) dryer and an (6) extruder.
After we shared our experience in the area of fishing net recycling, Ted showed us the rest of the company. This gave us the opportunity to look inside their machines and to ask questions about their functionality. We did not only see shredders, crushers and washers, but also machines that remove the label of PET bottles.
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