The Ocean Plastic Coalition is a coalition dedicated to all industries to which the health of our oceans matters.

At the Ocean Plastic Coalition, we raise awareness on marine plastic pollution and develop concrete industrial solutions to turn this pollution into a resource for the circular economy. Our coalition, not only promotes healthy oceans, but also aims to directly impact all types of industries, from local SMEs to major international brands and governmental bodies, in the fulfillment of environmental conscious projects such as:

  1. To promote the recycling of ocean plastic waste in the supply & demand chains.
  2. To develop design and technical capabilities to convert waste plastics into consumer goods.
  3. To develop advanced technology which creates a recycling cycle of ocean plastic waste.

Established in 2018, the Ocean Plastic Coalition is a new organization of the PIDC (Plastics Industry Development Center) - a research and development institution founded by Taiwanese government and the plastic associations in 1992. With 25 years expertise in R&D in favor of Safe, Green, Smart and Advanced materials, we have developed genuine processes to recycle ocean plastic waste into environmentally-friendly consumer goods. The Ocean Plastic Coalition aims not only to reduce the marine plastic pollution to benefit humans and the marine wildlife, but also to raise awareness of this problem in the public and among industries through meaningful events and communication campaigns.
"You may not see the ocean, but right now we are in the middle of the ocean, and we have to keep swimming."

— Tracy Kidder
Total Approach for Sustainability
Research & Development
Sustainability Consultation
Talent Training
Inspection & Verification
Sustainable Design
GRASS Principles
  • Efficient, effective & economic.
  • Conserve materials, energy & resources.............
  • Reuse, regenerate, reduce, & recycle.....................
  • Smart application development in devices, materials & services.
  • Advanced materials & processes.
  • Advanced living applications in household, edutainment, healthcare, clothing, food & transportation.
  • EHS (environmental, health & safety) services.
  • Testing & assessments.
Corporate Management
  • Management system implementation.
  • CSR reporting.
  • Sustainable supply chain management.
Product R&D
  • Product Eco design.
  • Environmental (carbon & water) footprint assessment.
  • Product life cycle analysis.
  • Green factory assessment.
  • Resource efficiency upgrade.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Material flow cost accounting.
  • Green marketing strategies and services.
  • Corporate image development.
  • Sustainable activities planning.
Talent Training
  • Public Courses.
  • Seminars.
  • Current & future trends in the professional fields.
  • Technology Publications.
  • Processing Technology Think Tanks.
  • Plastics News.............................................................
In-house Training
  • Employee Training.
  • Consulting..................................................................
Professional Skills Tests
  • Plastics Engineer Test.
  • Injection molding engineer Test.(Beginner-Intermediate-Advanced)
Marketing and Promotion
  • Product Launch.
  • Media Promotions.
Dr. P – Failure Analysis of Polymer Products
Diagnostic analysis of product life cycle to identify problems in a systemic manner and to provide realistic solutions. regarding specific failures.
Labroatory Accreditation
PIDC hosts a variety of laboratories that are accredited by international certification bodies to perform testing methodologies.
International Certification
Certify products and management systems in accordance with international standards
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